Downloadable Documents

ARRL Band Plan
Icom Band Plan
Proposed Band Plan (2020)
Country Prefixes
CARA Local Repeater Guide
United States Frequency Allocation Chart
US Grid Square Map


Repeater Book - Amateur Radio Repeater Listing
APRS Live Map
Gridsquare Finder
HamCalc - Various useful calculations in one tool (download).
Morse Code Translator
Solar Data and Band Conditions

Website Links

AMSAT - Amateur Radio in Space
ARRL - Amateur Radio Relay League - Ham Radio on the Net
SKCC - Straight Key Century Club

Regional Amateur Radio Clubs

AARC - Albemarle Amateur Radio Club
FARA - Fauquier County Amateur Radio Association
GCVARC - Greene County VA Amateur Radio Club
PVRC - Potomac Valley Radio Club

Tools, Links and Other Resources

T-MARC - Mid-Atlantic Repeater Council

Testing/Training Resources

ARRL - Licensing - Education & Training
Ham Study - Study guides

History of Car Radio (contributed by Dylan)

History of Car Radio