Officer positions within the Association.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Three Directors, one seat goes to the previous president

These Members make up the Executive Committee for the Association. 


  • President: is responsible for presiding at all meetings and enforce observance of the Associations Constitution and By-Laws
  • Vice President: Fills in for the President if they are unable to attend a meeting, chairs any standing committees, and responsible for putting together programs/presentations for the Association. 
  • Treasurer: Maintains accurate county of all monies to or from the Association and provides status updates during meetings.
  • Secretary: Records proceedings of all meetings, keeps a roll of all members, and submits all applications for prospective members.
  • Directors: Elected to serve 2 year term, previous president or member selected to by the Executive Committee fills one Director role.


Current Officers

President  Gary - I K4GTF
Vice President John KA4KKS
Treasurer Jim K9SP
Secretary Gary - II KM4CDQ
Director Skip KS4Q
Director Bob W4OGH
Director Quinten W4WHY
Repeater Trustee Jim K9SP