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Membership Information

The Culpeper Amateur Radio Association is open to all Amateur Radio Operators. 

Associate Membership - Associate members must express an interest in amateur radio and must be sponsored for membership by a regular member in good standing.

Full Membership

  • You must hold a valid Amateur Radio Operators License
  • Membership Dues are currently $25.00, if you're under 16 your first year of membership is free. After that it is 50% off until you meet the age requirement.
  • Prospective members should show an interest in Amateur Radio, and be sponsored by a member in good standing.
  • Membership in the ARRL is highly encouraged, to maintain at least 51% member ratio to continue our association with the ARRL. 

Membership Dues are to be sent to the club treasurer at the time of the application for you to become and remain an active member. 

You can mail checks to: 

P.O. Box 535
Culpeper, VA 22701-0535

Pay to the order of CARA and the memo field should read "Annual (current date) Membership Dues"